Asthma: Diagnosis & Treatment


Tuesday, 29th October 2019

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In asthma, making an accurate diagnosis is crucial to making effective clinical management decisions. When correctly diagnosed, asthma can be very effectively treated and also side effects of medical treatment (such as steroid medication) can minimised can be achieved with judicious co-prescribing of complementary therapies (such as Buteyko breathing practice). Professional collaboration with doctors and specialist nurses can enhance outcomes outcomes for patients who also choose CAM therapies and medicines, and it is highly reassuring for the patient to have a positive, co-ordinated team approach to their care. 

This comprehensive and engaging and interactive webinar will cover:

• The evolving and complex pathophysiology of asthma

• Triggers – stress, allergy, inflammation, infection, malnutrition, chemicals, drugs, anaesthetics and vaccines

• Psychoemotional drivers of asthma – key to turning around this disease

• The genetic basis of asthma and epigenetic treatment recommendations

• Medical Diagnosis – clinical assessment, respiratory function testing, oximetry, blood gases, x-rays, lung scans

• The role of medical management in terms of severity of disease

• Integrative treatment solutions for asthma: safe co-prescribing of drugs and natural therapies in patients experiencing asthmatic episodes

• Case studies to illustrate integrative asthma management

This webinar is worth 1.5 CPE points.

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Giselle Cook

Giselle Cooke has practised holistic & integrative medicine since graduating from the University of NSW in 1979. After training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, western herbalism, nutrition and Ayurveda, she founded the multidisciplinary clinic, Pymble Grove Health Centre in 1989, which she directed until 2004. 

In 2003 she opened The Modern Apothecary, a natural pharmacy, herbal dispensary & teahouse. Adjacent was her CAM practice, Health Alchemy, a team of six CAM practitioners, along with her holistic and preventive medicine practice. In 2009 she joined Lotus Dental/Lotus Health, an integrative centre where she currently practises as a holistic health consultant. 

Giselle is the author of two health books and innumerable health articles. She has appeared extensively on national radio and TV programs over the past 25 years as a health expert. She lectured at universities and naturopathic colleges and delivered countless papers on CAM at national and international conferences. Giselle has served in an advisory capacity to government committees on CAM. She also served on the executive of the Australian Complementary Medicine Association, was convenor of Health Network Australia and spokesperson for the Complementary Health Care Council.

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