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Cultural Determinants of Health - Connection to mind and Body


Tuesday, March 16, 2021

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2:00 PM - 3:30 PM AEST



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Connection to mind and body reflects the holistic concepts of health and wellbeing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Connection to body is about physical wellbeing and includes all the normal biological markers and indices that reflect the physical health of a person (i.e. age, weight, nutrition, illness and disability, mortality). Connection to mind refers not only to an individual’s experience of mental wellbeing (or mental ill-health) but also the whole spectrum of basic cognitive, emotional and psychological human experience, including fundamental human needs such as: the experience of safety and security, a sense of belonging, control or mastery, self-esteem, meaning making, values and motivation, and the need for secure relationships.

Topics explored in this webcast include:

  • Conceptual understanding of holistic health
  • Community resilient responses to oppression and change
  • Measuring meaningful and culturally appropriate collaboration
  • Appropriate referral pathways when recognising signs and symptoms of mind and body distress

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Professor Kerry Arabena, Managing Director, Karabena Consulting, Chair of Indigenous Health and Director of Onemda VicHealth Koori Health Unit at the University of Melbourne
A descendant of the Meriam people from the Torres Strait, Kerry’s work has brought her to the forefront of Indigenous affairs in Australia. A former social worker with a Doctorate in Environmental Science, Kerry has held senior positions including Chair of Indigenous Health at the University of Melbourne, Executive Director of First 1000 Days Australia, CEO of the Lowitja Institute, and Director of Indigenous Health Research at Monash University.Kerry has recently developed a cultural determinants of health framework with a view to building practical and applicable solutions into the next iteration of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Implementation Plan.

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