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About the webinar

This is the first of three promotional and consultative/co-design webinars to help develop learning resources and opportunities that support the community inclusion of people with mental health conditions. The Mental Health Coordinating Council (MHCC) will host the webinar in partnership with Being and Mental Health Carers NSW Inc. The focus of the first webinar will be to inform people about the project and consult with them about the key project question:

How can Community Workers, volunteers and peers (both paid and unpaid)

learn how to better support people living with mental health conditions to have a good life outside of a funded NDIS package?

You can learn more about MHCC's NSW ILC CEEP Project here.

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Meet the speakers

Tina Smith, Principal Advisor – Sector and Workforce Development, MHCC

MHCC is the peak body for community mental health organisations in NSW. Since 1983 MHCC has worked to build the capacity of community organisations to support people on their recovery journeys. Tina has worked in the community services and health industry for more than 30 years. Her work has focused on recovery, psychosocial rehabilitation and community inclusion issues for people at risk for, living with or recovering from complex and diverse health and social problems and their families. She has worked to explore issues related to NDIS implementation for people living with mental health conditions in the context of the mental health reform environment since 2011.

Irene Gallagher – Being

Being is the NSW peak organisation representing people living with mental health issues. Being’s primary focus is to ensure the experiences and perspectives of people with lived/living experience are heard and respected by decision and policy makers, services, and the broader community, to create healing for individuals. Irene Gallagher, CEO of Being, has a long history of working in the mental health sector including in management and leadership positions in the public, NFP/CMO, and commercial sectors. Irene is a strong advocate who has worked towards breaking down barriers such as stigma, and advocating for peoples basic human rights to be upheld.

Jonathan Harms – CEO, Mental Health Carers NSW (MHCN)

MHCN is the peak advocacy body for mental health carers (ie, family and friends of people living with mental health conditions) in NSW. Jonathan Edward Harms graduated from the UWA with degrees in Arts and Law. He’s worked as a plaintiff lawyer, public servant, policy advisor and stakeholder manager for State and Federal Ministers, the Ministry of Health in WA and NSW, private corporations (Insurance Australia Group) and community managed organisations, including MHCN. CEO of MHCN since 2012, he initiated Carer Peak Advisory Committee/s to enhance stakeholder participation in policy development, the Mental Health Carer Support Worker Forums, and a weekly email newsletter. Jonathan has recently been re-elected to the Board of MHCC for a second term.

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