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What does it take to build a culture of openness; to become open by design?

Join us for this 40 min webcast where our panel of experts explore recent developments in open government in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom; and how the digital shift is driving demand and opportunities for openness.

Key topics to be discussed include:

  • What has changed: The relationship between digital government and open government; how digital is driving public expectations for transparency and data rights.
  • What hasn’t changed: Are agencies still struggling to put principles into practice? Why isn’t openness already part of business-as-usual? 
  • Taking a human-centred approach: Understanding the people involved in openness, as the key to change. Interviews with agencies and councils; citizen perspectives through Right To Know.
  • What’s going to change: Results from the Culture & Capability Survey and how agencies and councils can get involved in the research project

Your panel of experts:

  • Amelia Loye, Founder and Managing Director, engage2
  • Ben Fairless, OpenAustralia Foundation
  • Sonya Sherman, Director Industry Solutions, Objective Corporation
  • Antony Bauer, Product Marketing Manager, Objective Corporation 

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Amelia Loye
Founder and Managing Director, engage2

Amelia Loye is a social scientist specialising in civic and democratic participation. She runs two organisations: engage2, a consultancy building engagement capabilities for open representative government; and the Centre for Civic Innovation, a not-for-profit that encourages people who want to do something for their community. engage2 managed engagement for Australia's and New Zealand's 2016 National Action Plans for the Open Government Partnership and the NZ's involvement in the Open Data Charter. Prior to that Amelia managed Canada's first Open Government (public participation) pilot with the British Columbian Government.

Ben Fairless
OpenAustralia Foundation

Ben has been volunteering with the OpenAustralia Foundation for over five years, primarily on the Foundation’s Freedom of Information project “Right to Know”. He is passionate and determined to make the FOI process more straightforward, easier and more accessible to everyday Australians. Ben has been invited by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner to speak to FOI Officers about Freedom of Information and about the Right to Know project. Ben has a strong desire and passion for finding new ways to improve transparency and accountability in our government and for making it easier for people to find out what their government is doing.

Sonya Sherman
Director Industry Solutions,Objective Corporation

Sonya works with the public sector on digital transformation and information governance. She has held senior public policy roles in Australia and internationally, providing strategic advice on information management and security, open data and data-sharing. Sonya is a strong advocate for open government, maximising the use of data and information for better policy outcomes and greater public value.

Antony Bauer
Product Marketing Manager,Objective Corporation

Antony is a strategic marketing professional, designing solutions for digital government with embedded information governance. He is interested in using technology to make information governance easier to do. Since joining Objective, Antony has been working closely with government agencies and local councils to understand the challenges and opportunities for managing Information Access Requests.

Open By Design - In Search of a catalyst for openness, a research project

This research project takes a human-centred approach, to understand the needs of different personas involved in openness activities, particularly information release. It considers the way people think and feel about openness and how this impacts their behaviour. Click here to download the  “Open By Design” Insight Paper.

Government departments and agencies, local government authorities and councils are invited to participate in this research with a quick 10 minutes “Culture and Capability Survey”. Your data will remain strictly confidential and will never be shared without your consent. The aggregated results will be presented at the live webcast. Click here to find out more.