Microcirculation: The key to Healing


Tuesday, 19th November 2019

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Up to 70% of our population over the age of 20 has either metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure or is obese. The consequences as they age is chronic damage to their microcirculation health and this is a generally unrecognised problem that precedes, and is causative to, many diseases other than cardiovascular disease, (including heart attack, stroke varicose veins etc.), and cold hands and feet. Kidney failure can be the final outcome of long term poor endothelial health. Also, many other diseases including NAFLD, brain, poor skin, gut lining, gut immunity, vision, hearing, nervous system and sexual health and fertility. 

In this webinar you will learn:

• The functional outcomes of damaged microcirculation.

• The organs and systems most affected.

• The lifestyle and dietary causes that damage microcirculation.

• Why microcirculation healing is required to obtain substantive long term organ function correction.

• Clinically effective of herbal and nutritional treatment, dietary direction and lifestyle choices

This webinar is worth 1.5 CPE points.

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Geoff Beaty - DipNat, MNHAA

Geoff completed his training by a third generation Herbalist and Naturopath in Western Australia 34 years ago, he has a demonstrated ability to investigate and identify the root causes of chronic diseases. He has a special interest in Micro-Circulation because of its critical role in the real repair and resolution of organ disfunction and chronic disease. 

Working within an integrative model, Geoff is a Master Herbalist and using “food as medicine” as a primary treatment tool in addition to nutritional supplementation and lifestyle. Additionally, he is an expert in OrthoDynamics (trigger-point based bodywork) and TBM (kinesiology system) and uses those modalities to switch on organ function; decrease pain; increase energy; normalise weight; boost the immune system; to improve brain function and to reduce inflammation. Finally he has been trained in the Inspired Cancer Care Program (TM pending) and in the specific steps of holistic cancer assessment and therapies.

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