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Breast reconstruction - know your options

Free online information session

 Held on Tuesday, 21 May 2019

What Time: 7.00 - 7.45 pm AEST

About the Webinar

Breast reconstruction surgery recreates the shape of the breast following a mastectomy or, occasionally, breast conserving surgery. It can be done at the same time as your surgery (immediate reconstruction) or as a separate procedure at a later time, even many years later (delayed reconstruction). There are many different options available for reconstruction and much to consider so it can seem overwhelming. Some women decide breast reconstruction is not for them. This sometimes called “staying flat”.

The decision is a personal one. It is an individual choice whether a woman wants to have a breast reconstruction, go flat or wear a breast prosthesis. It is important to be comfortable with your decision and your body’s look and feel.Breast Cancer Network Australia’s breast reconstruction webcast will explore the current options and issues affecting women considering breast reconstruction. This is an interactive information session where you will hear from leading experts, as well as a woman who has chosen the option of “staying flat” and have the opportunity to ask questions online. 

Kirsten Pilatti, CEO BCNA


Dr Chantel Thornton, Specialist Breast Cancer Surgeon

Dr Chantel Thornton is passionate about delivering the highest standard of care to patients with breast conditions, including multi-disciplinary care for breast cancer.

Chantel is a breast surgeon specialising in the surgical treatment of breast cancer and all benign breast conditions, including breast reconstruction, sentinel node biopsy, familial breast cancer and risk reduction surgery (skin sparing and nipple sparing mastectomy) and delivery of multi-disciplinary breast cancer care. She has a special interest in oncoplastic breast cancer surgery, a relatively new sub-specialty aimed at maximising cosmetic results with breast conservation surgery. Chantel uses bedside ultrasound and also has the ability to perform core biopsies in the consulting rooms and she works with specialist breast pathologists and radiologists.

Monique Baldacchino, Breast Care Nurse

Monique Baldacchino has been a Registered Nurse for 27 years and a BCN for the last 11. She has completed a Graduate certificate in Sexual Health and a Masters in Breast Disease. Monique works as a Breast Care Nurse within the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre based at The Royal Women's Hospital. She also works in the private rooms of Professor Bruce Mann & Mr Robert Tasevski.

Monique provides emotional and practical support for women undergoing breast cancer treatment with a special interest in supporting women with breast reconstruction.  In 2012, she established the country's only nurse-led nipple tattoo service in a public hospital. Together with her colleagues Monique runs quarterly breast reconstruction awareness evenings that provide an opportunity for women considering breast reconstruction to meet with women who have had breast reconstruction. 

Gosia Davis, Consumer

Gosia is 46 years old, a mother of two teenage children and works as an engineering manager for a large defence company. She loves the outdoors, being active and travelling. Gosia was diagnosed with hormone receptor positive early breast cancer in 2017 and underwent a mastectomy. There was no involvement of breast cancer in her lymph nodes and thus no further treatment other than hormone-blocking therapy was required. She is currently taking Tamoxifen. Three months after her initial surgery Gosia opted to have the second breast removed as a preventative measure. Gosia chose not to have a breast reconstruction or wear prostheses and is keen to highlight the benefits of going flat.

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