Webinars & Wine Episode 3: 
Creating Your Webinar Event Series


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

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02:00 PM AEDT - 02:45 PM AEDT



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About the Webinar

Creating a webinar series takes planning, research, creativity, science and a great team.

In this session we’ll speed dive into 30 key steps and processes to ensure a successful and engaging series that keeps your audience coming back and inviting their colleagues to join.

Here are just five of the thirty sneak peaks.

  • Creating the ultimate team
  • Audience strategy
  • Platforms
  • Design and the golden thread
  • How to share content across multiple platforms

This episode is brought to you by the Australian Marketing Institute

Host, Daniel kim, Redback Connect

I have extensive experience in communications, media and customer service. I love being a dynamic radio and webinar presenter, and the host of the Redback Business Skills Series.

I have worked in the collaboration and digital event space for over 8 years and managed the Support and Quality Assurance functions at Redback Connect.

Presenter, Billie Cox, Australian Marketing Institute 

Billie has over 20 years’ experience as a sales and training industry professional, she has worked across the event management, business development, sponsorship and marketing industries. 

With the birth of her first son, she made a career change and became the Senior Lecturer at College of Event Management where she lectured, numerous subjects and managed the national industry partnerships and student placements. 

Currently Billie is the Business Development Manager at the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI), in a short period she has implemented digital credentials, marketing skills assessment where AMI can evaluate soft skills, cognitive skills and marketing concepts across six key areas of marketing.

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