Mulesing 2020 and beyond:
What is the future of breech strike control?

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Mulesing 2020 and beyond:
What is the future of breech strike control?

When: Thursday, June 25 2020

What Time: 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm 

Where: Online - join via your computer!

Cost: Complimentary for producers

What will the webinar cover?

Dr John Webb Ware of the Mackinnon Project University of Melbourne is one of the most respected sheep consultants in Australia. John will take you through the recent and upcoming changes to mulesing and if you have thought about ceasing mulesing, John will walk you through what to expect and how to manage an unmulesed flock; what are the pitfalls and how to overcome them.

The Mulesing procedure remains one of the most effective permanent measure you can undertake to reduce the risk of breech strike in sheep. There are however significant changes occurring:

Mandatory Pain Relief
The uptake of pain relief for mulesing has been high since the release of readily accessible and effective products.

In Victoria from the 1st of July you must use pain relief when mulesing sheep. This webinar will cover the new regulations, when do I need to use pain relief, what products are available and what do I have to do to comply.

Ceasing Mulesing
There are price signals and demand now in the market for certain grades of wool from sheep that haven’t been mulesed.

There are however significant management challenges in running unmulesed sheep in the medium to high rainfall zones of Australia


Dr John Webb Ware

John Webb-Ware is a Senior Consultant at the Mackinnnon Project, based at the Faculty of Veterinary Science's Werribee Campus. He's also a trained veterinarian, a long-time agricultural consultant and author, sheep producer and one of the most respected voices in stock based agriculture in Australia.

Dr Webb Ware's advisory service to farmers for more than 30 years has focused on ‘whole farm’ management, including the analysis of farms' financials and production. In more than 30 years working with sheep and beef producers, his advice has resulted in profound change on clients' farms leading to increased profits and more sustainable businesses. John has worked with many of his clients through major management changes including changing to a non mulesed flock.

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