Marketing Masterclass - How to promote your webinars and gain maximum ROI


Wednesday, October 21, 2020

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11:00 AM AEDT - 11:45 AM AEDT



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About the Webinar

We’ve all been there - we kick off a webinar, then get to the end and forget why we even ran it in the first place. 

With webinars now taking the front seat of many marketing strategies, it’s important that you not only promote your series right, but loop-back and measure your return on investment. 

In this masterclass we will go beyond vanity metrics and attendance - we will dive into promotional channels that work and strategies to make your overall webinar program and raving success. 

If you’re looking to go back to your board with some metrics that matter, you must join this session! 

Topics include: 

  • Starting with the end in mind - planning your series
  • The most effective channels and how to use them 
  • Tracking and measuring - how to track all channels effectively 
  • Reporting and data - what matters most and what should you focus on?

Sara Drury, General Manager, Redback Connect 

Sara manages the fast-growing digital events arm of Redback, which runs over 150 managed webinars monthly for corporate, government and not-for-profit customers. 

After joining Redback more than a decade ago, she works closely with sales, marketing and delivery to provide organisations with frictionless, seamless events that take the stress out of their online programs and increase the overall production quality.

Sara enjoys her laid-back, simple life on the Central Coast and spending most of her time with her shadow, her English Staffy puppy Ari.

Michael Bunker, Head of Digital Events, Redback Connect

Michael is truly passionate about digital communication, his career experience spans across the Technology sector through digital and collaborative communications. 

Throughout his career, Michael has specialised in solution design and developed a deep understanding of how to align customer needs with solutions and products to achieve their success criteria. Educating customers on the possibilities of how new products and technologies will exceed their expectations. 

He has customised and executed digital media strategies to prominent Australian business focusing on webinars, webcasting, hybrid events, online video hosting and custom video portals.

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