TruFlex® canola and the DecilePro® program: Accreditation, product overview and launch 

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About the Webinar

One of the smartest routes to high yield potential is through effective weed control. See the difference with TruFlex® canola.

Bayer’s second generation canola trait technology builds on the Roundup Ready canola system, offering growers more flexibility through an extended glyphosate spray application window and the rates farmers need to get results.

TruFlex canola will be available in high-yielding hybrid varieties in the 2020 season.

Join us to learn more about TruFlex technology, with an overview of varieties available for the 2020 season, and Bayer’s new offerings in 2020, including The DecilePro Program – a program to help farmers manage low growing season rainfall.

This webinar will also provide growers with an accreditation certification, a key step required to plant Roundup Ready Technologies, and information needed to successfully grow Roundup Ready Technologies, including an overview of the License & Stewardship Agreement (LSA) – a requirement for all growers prior to planting.

Please note, even if you have an existing LSA, you will still need to sign the new TruFlex canola LSA to be able to participate in the DecilePro program and grow TruFlex canola.

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Hugh Trenorden

Hugh Trenorden’s agricultural career started with his family’s farming enterprise in Wyalkatchem. After several years managing the operation, Hugh transitioned away from the still operational business to the farm input sector, landing firmly on his feet in the canola industry. Hugh was initially employed by a plant breeding company as a sales agronomist, which involved selling canola varieties into central & northern Western Australian wheat belt regions. During this time, he became a regular face in the region, presenting the benefits of his products to farmers, agronomists and ag professionals and helping to introduce many mainstay canola varieties into the market. In May 2017, Hugh pursued his interest in seed trait technology taking on the role of Regional Sales Manager with Monsanto. Hugh has been an interested participant in Bayer’s acquisition of Monsanto and during this time, his role evolved into Canola National Sales Manager. This has expanded Hugh’s knowledge of the New South Wales and Victorian agriculture and canola processing sectors. Hugh also is a willing advocate for the appropriate use of Glyphosate in our farming systems and is doing his best to educate the wider community on why the use of this chemical is safe and beneficial.

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