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We’ve all heard the statistics detailing how poorly represented women are on Boards and in senior positions within organisations.

 Of course, there are many factors that contribute to this …

 And one of them is the fact that women can tend to have a skewed definition of assertiveness. Believing (falsely) that assertiveness is some sort of ‘blend’ of being aggressive and being submissive, they are often fearful of being seen as ‘pushy’, ‘aggressive’ or ‘trying to be like a man’.

 As a businesswoman, do you want to know how …

  •  You can make yourself be heard and avoid these feelings?
  •  You can voice your opinions, ideas – and your boundaries – in a way that clearly communicates to others and feels comfortable for you?
  • You can say ‘no’ without causing offence, escalating conflict or ruining your reputation?

 Sandi Givens, from Shattering Glass Ceilings, has been working with women for decades, helping them find their courageous voice. She has worked with literally dozens of industries, hundreds of organisations and many thousands of individuals.

 Best-selling author of the book Women on the Move: How you can create your place in the world, Sandi brings her enthusiasm, wisdom and commitment to everything she does.

 Attending this entertaining and informative webcast, you will take away strategies and insights you can put to use immediately, including:

Understanding how women can unwittingly block their own progress

  • Redefining assertiveness to be more attainable and workable for you
  • Being clear on what is – and isn’t – negotiable for you
  • Setting boundaries and confidently saying ‘No’
  • Letting go of perfectionism

 This is a rare opportunity to experience the authenticity, passion and down-to-earth attitude unique to Sandi and all she does.

A must-attend session for every women who wants to be more of who they really are and fulfil their true potential in life.

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Sandi Givens

When our son was 5 years old and someone asked him ‘What does your mom do?’, he replied “She teaches people to be nice to each other.”
Fifteen years later, I can think of no better way to describe my work. Since a very young age, I’ve been fueled by a passion to create a world where people do not judge others by their looks, nationality, religion, culture, age or personality. Having experienced severe anti-American prejudice when my family migrated to Australia, I knew the cost of this to an individual’s self-esteem and sense of worth.
In the business world, my workshops and conference keynotes address these issues:

Rebuilding Teams – especially after Bullying and Harassment Issues

Understanding others – and getting the most from the differences between you

Better productivity through more Authentic Leadership and Team Communication

How to have those ‘tough’ – but must-have – conversations with more honesty and respect

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