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Teams come in all shapes and sizes but they all have one thing in common: their success fundamentally relies on effective communication. Without it, the team leader risks losing time, money, resources, employees, customers, and even their reputation as an effective leader. In fact: 

  • 86% of executives believe failures in the workplace occur due to “a lack of collaboration and effective communication” -
  • US$62.4 million is lost per company, per year, due to inadequate communication - Grossman
  • 17 hours per week (40% of the work week!) is spent clarifying miscommunication - SIS International Research

In this webcast, Catherine Hollyman, leadership communications coach and founder of Behind the Scenes Communication, draws on her 18 years of experience to share with you: 

  • Why effective communication is so critical to the creation of a high-performing team
  • What barriers you need to look out for and how to overcome them
  • What messages you should be communicating to your team to help drive engagement and improve productivity
  • A communications framework for leaders to help you develop your communication capabilities so you connect with your team and earn their trust in you as their leader

This webcast is perfect for anyone looking to:

❏ Create a high-performing team

❏ Increase employee or team engagement

❏ Build their presence and credibility as a leader

❏ Drive business, team and personal success

❏ Inspire and motivate others

❏ Create a collaborative culture

❏ Maximise their impact and contribution within their organisation 

You’ll leave with a comprehensive leadership communications framework to improve your day-to-day communication with your team immediately.

If you want to avoid the costs of ineffective communication, make sure you register here and learn how to communicate to create a highly-engaged and high-performing team!

Catherine Hollyman

Catherine Hollyman, Founder of Behind the Scenes Communications

Over the last 18 years, Catherine Hollyman, has provided communications coaching and consultancy to Fortune 500 organisations through to small-to-medium businesses and start-up brands.

Catherine’s career began in PR and communications, working with businesses to build and protect their brand reputation amongst their stakeholders. In 2009, she turned her attention to internal communications, in particular working with leaders to inform, inspire, engage and unite employees behind the leader’s vision and strategy.

Today, Catherine’s focus is on empowering current and future leaders to maximise their impact and contribution, by becoming more purposeful communicators.

Through her coaching, workshops and consultancy programs, Catherine equips you with the knowledge, skills and resources to communicate in a way that connects more meaningfully with your stakeholders. This sets the stage for you to inform, educate and persuade your teams, customers, peers and networks…and realise your potential as a leader.

Whilst she maintains that communication is industry-agnostic, Catherine has experience across the healthcare, professional services, telecommunications, technology, consumer lifestyle, FMCG and tourism industries in Australia and the UK.

To learn more about Catherine, visit her on her LinkedIn or at

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