Evolving supply chains, consumer preferences, and new technologies are changing business and the world as we know it. Australian and New Zealand businesses have always been at the forefront of embracing change and taking advantage of new opportunities.

The Alibaba Virtual Summit is a key opportunity for businesses across Australia and New Zealand to understand some of Alibaba’s 700 million annual active consumers and how their tastes, preferences and use of technology is changing the consumer world as we know it. The Summit will also provide insights on how cloud technology and services can help businesses before more efficient and productive. We have also designed valuable lessons highlighting how to be successful across China and the Asia Pacific region and steps businesses can take to thrive.

As part of this exclusive webinar program, experts from Alibaba Group and leading local businesses will guide you through the opportunities for Australian and New Zealand brands in the export and tourism retail markets. 

Day 1: Tuesday 24 March 2020
Ecosystem and Export Solutions

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You’ll hear from experts who will introduce some of the key business solutions within Alibaba’s ecosystem, provide insights on the preferences and behaviours of the Chinese consumer, and introduce a comprehensive guide on how to set-up your export business via the Alibaba ecosystem.

Day 2: Wednesday 25 March 2020 
Alibaba Cloud -
Solutions and Services to help you succeed

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You’ll learn how Alibaba and its partners are helping connect organisations across various industries, making cross-border e-commerce easier and more profitable through innovative, web-based sales, payments, logistics and digital marketing solutions. You’ll also hear about trends and technologies that will be driving future growth in this fast-growing market.

Day 3: Thursday 26 March 2020
Alipay - Enabling you to connect to millions of Chinese users

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You’ll learn how the Alipay Super App, with more than a billion users with its partners worldwide, can assist travel, retail and hospitality businesses to drive engagement with Chinese visitors and migrants, grow footfall and build consumer loyalty.