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Friday, November 27, 2020

What Time?

04:30 PM AEDT - 05:30 PM AEDT



About the Webinar

This is the final webinar of the Defence Innovation 2020 series. The Virtual Networking Event provides the opportunity to engage with Defence Capability Managers and other attendees in a relaxed informal environment.

Delegates will move into small groups to meet with Capability Managers from across Defence's capability domains to ask questions and develop important networks. 

Registrations for this webinar are limited to 150 delegates. Organisations are requested to initially nominate one representative to attend the networking event. Subsequent nominations will be wait listed. All registrants will be asked to confirm their attendance at the networking event prior to 27 November.

The virtual networking event will comprise of 10 break out rooms themed according to the Defence Capability Domains. Participants will be able to meet with Capability Manager representatives in each break out room, as well as move between rooms to engage and build networks with Defence and each other. The breakout rooms are:

  • Land Domain 1
    • Military Engineering
    • Special Operations
  • Land Domain 2
    • Army Innovation Day
    • Deployable Infrastructure/Logistics
  • Land Domain 3
    • Priority Innovation Notices/General innovation proposals with Army
    • Simulation/Training Systems
  • Maritime Domain 1
    • Undersea Warfare & Advanced Submarine Systems.
    • Submarine platform requirements
  • Maritime Domain 2
    • Maritime & Mine warfare
  • Maritime Domain 3
  • Air Domain 1
    • Force Structure Analysis
  • Air Domain 2
    • Range capability
  • Information & Cyber Domain 1
  • Space Domain 1

Registrations for this webinar have now closed. If you would be interested in attending future events, please email


Mr Andrew Hodgkinson
Assistant Secretary Defence Capability and Innovation, Strategic Policy and Intelligence Group

Mr Andrew Hodgkinson commenced in the role of Assistant Secretary Defence Capability and Innovation, Defence Industry Policy Division in September 2018. Andrew is responsible for managing the Defence Innovation Hub investment program and the associated portfolio of projects. Mr Hodgkinson joined the Department of Defence in 1998 and has served in a diverse range of senior appointments focusing on strategy and capability development, organisational reform and international policy. 

From 2016 to 2018 Mr Hodgkinson held the position of Senior Program Manager Reform in the Defence Security and Vetting Service. In this role he established and implemented strategies for service delivery improvement. He also led the development of a whole of Government digital transformation project to provide a new security vetting capability. 

Prior to this, Andrew held positions within International Policy including Global Interests, Iraq Taskforce, Middle East and Operations and the Americas. He has also worked within the former Defence Materiel Organisation and Land Systems within the Capability Development Group. 

Mr Hodgkinson holds a Bachelor of Arts (Humanities) from Griffith University, a Graduate Diploma in Defence Studies from the University of New South Wales, and a Graduate Diploma in Professional Communication from the University of Canberra.