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Monday, November 2, 2020

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05:00 PM AEDT - 06:15 PM AEDT

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About the Webinar

Women are taking the lead and establishing their footprint across Fintech, finance and technology. 

Through innovation, learning and creative thinking they are bringing new thoughts, ideas and business practices to build businesses of the future.

Meet our expert panel as they discuss their journey to where they are today, how to take the lead, learnings through experience, and the future of fintech and business practice. It’s 100% free. Book your spot today.

Take the Lead is the second online business event proudly sponsored by Qoin, Australia’s newest digital currency supporting business to find new customers.

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Presented by:

Teresa Truda

Teresa Truda an award winning former CEO and Founder of an investor backed Blockchain start-up within the travel space, supported by AI. Teresa spent some years expanding chozun in China and in 22 cities across Asia - in 2018, it became one of the Top 5 Travel applications in China. After exiting her former start up, Teresa moved back to Melbourne where she is well known for her knowledge in technology, building brands online and is active in the start-up space as Consultant, Mentor and Advisor. Teresa also lectures leading universities in Blockchain, Entrepreneurship, Digital Strategy & Marketing. She is also a Board member of the Girls in Tech.


Justine Oakhill
Chief Operating Officer - Qoin Australia

Chief Operating Officer at Qoin Australia with over 25 years' experience in alternative payment methods. Justine is also COO for Bartercard Australia which was the first alternate payment platform, trading in excess of T$10 billion over its 30 year history on its Virtual Trading Platform. During her tenure with Bartercard Australia Justine was awarded numerous International and National awards for outstanding performance. Justine specialises in Operations, Franchising, Administration, & Technology Development providing strategic direction to the business units. Justine is currently instrumental in the operational development of Qoin, a digital currency, including the development of the recruitment, training and support structure to the Agent network around Australia. Leading the Qoin Merchant onboarding experience, Justine developed a unique support structure for Merchants through a dedicated call centre. Justine demonstrates a very high passion for her people, driving culture, customer satisfaction and recognition within the workplace.

Christina Hobbs

Christina is the CEO of Verve Super and an experienced Board Director in the superannuation industry. Christina is a former Deloitte Management Consultant and has worked as a humanitarian and financial inclusion expert for the United Nations for over a decade. She was a founding Board Director of the Global Women's Project and is a published author on gender equality.

Shahirah Gardner

Shahirah is cofounder of Finch, an award-winning financial technology and data intelligence company. Since launching in 2017, Finch has been recognised as 'Best Personal Finance', 'Best Digital Wallet', 'Most Innovative Team' and 'Money 2020 USA finalist'. Shahirah is also a member of the Inclusion Advisory Board at Rampersand VC, a government-backed initiative to address the funding gap for under-represented founders.

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