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Overcoming fatigue: How to get your energy back after cancer.

When: 24th October 2019
What Time: 7pm - 8pm AEDT
60 minutes
Online - join via your computer, tablet or smart phone
Panel: Katie Towers, A/Prof Haryana Dhillon, Dr Ash Malalasekera and Sabrina Wren
Cost: Complimentary

About the Webinar

Fatigue is when you feel very tired, weak, drained and worn out. Cancer-related fatigue is different to normal tiredness because it doesn’t always go away with rest or sleep. Some people describe it as mental and physical exhaustion.

Research shows that most people experience fatigue after their cancer diagnosis.

While fatigue may be expected, life doesn’t stop. You may still need to do daily things like go to work, pick up the kids, do the shopping and clean your house.

In this webinar, we will look at ways you can manage your fatigue and get your energy back. We will also explore some useful services that can support you through these challenging times.

About the Presenters

A/Prof Haryana Dhillon

Haryana is an Associate Profession in Cancer Survivorship and Psycho-Oncology at the Centre for Medical Psychology and Evidence-based Decision-making (CeMPED) University of Sydney. She is a Director of the Cancer Council NSW Board, and former Member of the Clinical Oncological Society of Australia (COSA) and Council. Haryana is the chair of the Psycho-Oncology Cooperative Research Group’s Scientific Advisory Committee and has leadership roles in supportive care and quality of life in the Australasian Lung Cancer Trials Group and the ANZ Urogenitary and Prostate Cancer Trials Group. Haryana co-leads a Cancer Survivorship Research Group based in the University of Sydney. The group is supported on peer-reviewed funding, allowing studies in cancer and cognition, physical activity in cancer populations, sleep disturbance and symptom control. She also maintains an active research interest in health literacy, communication in the cancer setting and patient education.

Dr Ash Malalasekera

Ashanya Malalasekera FRACP PhD is a Medical Oncologist and clinician researcher with >6 years' experience working for cancer survivors at the Sydney Cancer Survivorship Centre (SCSC), Concord Hospital. She runs clinics dedicated to personalised post-treatment care of adult patients who have completed treatment for lung, upper GI/colorectal and breast cancers. Survivorship care at this service includes data-driven approaches to addressing unmet needs in cancer survivors, surveillance, managing residual / late treatment complications (including psychological sequelae), monitoring risk for chronic disease, promoting a healthy lifestyle and independence, and liaison with Multi-Disciplinary Teams and General Practitioners. The service also links survivors with the right clinical trials and lifestyle programs affiliated with the SCSC. Dr Malalasekera is a 2019 ILCF Young Investigator and PI for a clinical trial investigating management of Cancer-Related Fatigue.

Sabrina Wren

During her time as mum to 5 children Sabrina trained as a counsellor and psychotherapist, operating a small business from home.Following a second diagnosis of breast cancer in 2013, she took a break for a year and became a solo traveller exploring the north coast and hinterland, regaining her strength camping out in nature.During this time of healing she found a creative outlet in photography, mosaics and painting which led to her present position as Art Therapist.She is presently enjoying holding weekly Art Therapy groups at the Sydney Survivorship Centre's Cottage.   

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