Coeliac disease - Is it on your radar?

Presented by: Dr Jason Tye-Din and Dr Emma Halmos




About the Webinar

Knowing how to recognize and when to test at-risk patients are keys to improving Australia’s low diagnosis rate. As 1.5% of Australians have coeliac disease, it is one of the most common autoimmune illnesses that GPs will encounter. Earlier diagnosis and treatment with a strict life-long gluten-free diet minimizes long-term health complications.

This webinar will cover:

  • Making the diagnosis
  • When to test
  • How to test
  • Human leukocyte antigen DQ2/8 genotyping
  • Family screening
  • Paediatric testing
  • Clinical follow-up
  • What if it isn’t coeliac disease – FODMAPs (Emma)
  • Gluten-free diet (Emma)



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