Correct application of Confidor® Guard in sugarcane ratoon crops.

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Correct application of Confidor® Guard in sugarcane ratoon crops. 

Confidor® Guard, based on imidacloprid, is a vital tool for the sugarcane industry in Australia. The active ingredient imidacloprid was first registered in Australia by Bayer Crop Science in 1996 followed by Confidor® Guard in 2004. Detections of imidacloprid in some waterways adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef National Park are concerning and must be responded too.

Bayer has partnered with SRA, DAFF, Nufarm and QDES to undertake research to understand the background and solutions to this challenge. This research has highlighted that correct application is important to reduce off-target movement into waterways.

All industry participants must be committed to ensuring the correct use of imidacloprid based products to maximise efficacy, protect the environment and maintain the availability of this valuable tool.

As part of the overall training program, the video that you will view provides important information on the best practice application of Confidor® Guard and other liquid imidacloprid formulations in ratoon sugarcane. Some personal information must be collected to send an e-mail confirming your participation in the training and to assess the effectiveness of this training program.

By reviewing this video you will ensure the best results from the use of Confidor® Guard, and you will be helping to improve outcomes for both the environment and sugarcane industry overall.  Further information is available at

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