Session on outcome-focused review: Illogicality and unreasonableness

Your Hosts: Peter MacLiver

Cost: $59.95

This instructional presentation is aimed at providing guidance on the principles to be applied in reviewing an administrative decision on the grounds of irrationality, illogicality and unreasonableness in light of the High Court decisions of Minister for Immigration and Citizenship v SZMDS (2010) 240 CLR 611; [2010] HCA 16 and Minister for Immigration and Citizenship v Li (2013) 249 CLR 332; [2013] HCA 18, and their application in subsequent cases. 

This video is 30 minutes in length and will equate to ½ CPD point.

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Peter MacLiver, AGS Senior General Counsel

Peter provides high-level advocacy and advising services in a wide variety of matters, particularly in the areas of administrative law, migration law, protection of information, statutory interpretation, environmental law, and statutory and non-statutory claims by and against the Commonwealth. 

He has acted for the Commonwealth in a number of high-profile Immigration and Border Protection cases, and appears frequently in courts and tribunals, including the High Court. He represented the Commonwealth and the former Acting Minister for Immigration as junior counsel with Ron Williams QC and the Solicitor-General in the High Court in an appeal challenging the decision of the Full Federal Court regarding damages for false imprisonment of a person by an officer of the Commonwealth.

He also worked in the joint AGS Perth and AGS Canberra team supporting Customs and Defence in the SIEV 221 coronial inquiry into the asylum seekers’ tragedy off Christmas Island, in which he also appeared as junior counsel for the Commonwealth with Gary Livermore and Peter Hanks QC.

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