Solving Security, Identity and Access as You Move to the Cloud

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About the Webinar

Cloud adoption and migration of on-prem applications to cloud services is increasingly being undertaken by organisations wanting to leverage the business efficiencies that cloud infrastructure affords. This move brings both challenges and improvements (to all parties concerned including developers) and requires a rethink in this very approach to solving business problems.

The move to the Cloud probably impacts developers more than any other role. The opportunities provided by Cloud based side-by-side extensibility also requires rethinking our architecture and approach to solving business problems with our software skills. In this talk we will look at the impact to cloud migrations have on developers and both the challenges and improvements they can expect in this brave new world.

  • Access Controls is the immediate issue. This requires customers to have an Identity & Access Governance solution.
  • With SAP's move to SAP S/4HANA, data is being decentralised (e.g. HR moving to SuccessFactors, purchasing moving to Ariba, expenses moving to Concur), and with this comes the challenge securing all of these applications. Also companies are challenged with managing the access risk that this decentralised access represents.
  • Low Code, No Code and what impact of the citizen developer may be on your security landscape
  • Customers need an Access Control System, and an identity access suite, that provides the breadth of connectivity needed for the new heterogenous environment, AND, the depth required for complicated systems like SAP.

Join Tom Jung, Head of Developer Advocacy at SAP and Jody Paterson, Access Risk Management Leader at SailPoint (and founder of ERP Maestro) as they unpack how to move to and then develop in the cloud while considering risk and security. Graham Williamson from analyst firm KuppingerCole will share findings of an ANZ white paper benchmarking Governance over hybrid SAP Environments. This will be a fascinating discussion by three experts. 


Meet your presenters:

Thomas Jung (USA) - Head of Developer Advocacy, SAP Developer & Community Relations, SAP

Thomas’ current role is a continuation of his long career in the SAP technology space. Throughout Thomas’s career he’s focused on the SAP applications developer and the tools and languages which support their activities with a particular interest in sharing his knowledge through various channels both online and in person. 

Graham Williamson – Analyst, KuppingerCole

Graham has practical experience in the identity management and access control industry having completed assignments in the academic, government and large corporate industry sectors across three continents. He is an Analyst in the areas of Identity-as-a-Service, Dynamic Authorisation Control and Privacy and an author of the book “Identity Management: A Primer”.

Jody Paterson (USA) - Senior Director, Product Management, SailPoint

Jody leads the Access Risk Management product at SailPoint and was the founder, CEO and Chairman of ERP Maestro. He designed and built the cloud based GRC Access Controls suite of products, leading the company through its various stages of growth until its acquisition by SailPoint Technologies. Before founding ERP Maestro, Jody helped lead KPMG’s US GRC Advisory Practice and developed the SAP security remediation methodology, used to securely design (or redesign) SAP security.