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The emotional impact of caring for a woman who has Ovarian Cancer and intimacy and sexuality: a webinar for male partners

Date: Thursday 25th March
Time: 7:00pm AEST (NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS)

           QLD: 6:00pm

           SA & NT: 6:30pm, WA: 5:00pm

About the Webinar

The role of the male partner of someone with ovarian cancer is often a challenging one as they experience their own grief and loss as they support their loved one through an ovarian cancer diagnosis and treatment. This webinar will focus on the emotional impact of caring for a woman with ovarian cancer, including issues around sexuality and intimacy.

Our first speaker is Dr Oliver Holmes, a Clinical Psychologist at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre who helps patients and their families manage the psychological impacts of cancer. Dr Holmes will discuss the emotional impact of caring for a woman with ovarian cancer, including anxiety, communication and relationship challenges, fear of recurrence and the impact on sleep. 

Our second speaker is Kim Hobbs, an oncology social worker at the Westmead Centre for Gynaecological Cancer in Sydney who has supported many women and couples as they negotiate the challenges imposed by an ovarian cancer diagnosis, including in the areas of intimacy and sexuality. Kim will discuss issues around intimacy and sexuality, including strategies for maintaining relationship well-being.

The webinar will give participants the opportunity to listen to and/or engage online with experts in the area and with other men experiencing similar issues via the chat panel section of the webinar.

We are extremely grateful for the funding received for this webinar from Dry July, which is part of OCA’s new pilot program to support male partners of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

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The Speakers:

Kim Hobbs

Tom Braes

Dr Oliver Holmes

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