Delegations and Authorisations in context of MOG changes

Your Hosts: Damian Page

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This instructional presentation is about the legal effectiveness of delegations and authorisations in the context of machinery-of-government changes, typically following a general election. Damian discusses some general principles, including provisions in the Acts Interpretation Act 1901 relating to delegations. He also explores a hypothetical scenario illustrating how machinery-of-government changes can affect instruments of delegations, and the pitfalls when instruments are not reviewed following these changes. 

This video is 20 minutes in length and will equate to ½ CPD point.

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Damian Page, AGS Deputy General Counsel

Damian has 24 years of experience in AGS advising clients on a broad range of constitutional and public law issues. His particular focus is in interpreting legislation and identifying legislative issues. 

Over many years, he has advised numerous clients on the operation and effect of Commonwealth privacy and secrecy laws, telecommunications interception legislation, health and social security law, and defence and national security legislation. He is experienced in advising clients on the application of State and Territory law to the Commonwealth, its instrumentalities, servants, agents and property. Damian is also experienced in advising clients on a range of other constitutional issues, such as the scope of the Commonwealth’s legislative powers and executive power. He has been closely involved in assisting clients to develop significant legislative schemes and amendments. 

While outposted for several years to an intelligence agency, he gained significant experience in advising on the effect of national security legislation.

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