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An overview of the content

This year marks 35 years since “Back to the future” hit our cinema screens.  If the film was written this year, it’s highly likely Doc would recommend that Marty avoid 2020.   But is this year really one to avoid? With markets seesawing between extremes and an overall sense of maximum price dislocation, it’s looking like now, more than ever before, is the time for contrarian long-term thinking.  By conducting rigorous fundamental research and paying close attention to the prices we pay, both Allan Gray and Orbis look beyond 2020 and see this year for what it may truly be – a time of extraordinary opportunity.

Join us at our live-streamed Investment Forum and hear directly from the experts in contrarian investing. Allan Gray Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, Simon Mawhinney, together with Orbis’ Investment Director, Dr Graeme Shaw, will cover the outlooks for their respective portfolios and highlight some of the opportunities we are discovering. Simon and Graeme will discuss the real cost of the pandemic on markets, and why the impact may be very different to consensus predictions.

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