Wednesday, September 2, 2020

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About the Webinar

Did you know that a submarine is second in complexity only to a spaceship? And while a submarine is ‘invisible’ below the water, a frigate must be ‘invisible’’ above the water, silently coasting along the surface to pick up and isolate the quietest mechanical noise from below. 

Australia’s Attack Class Submarine and Hunter Class Frigate are two of the exciting programs that form part of the Government’s $90b naval shipbuilding enterprise. The Naval Shipbuilding College has been set up to ensure that Australia and industry have the workforce required to sustain the enterprise. 

In an unprecedented approach that sees the College working on a range of initiatives designed to attract and develop individuals to the industry, the College’s Workforce Register is the first port of call for Australian’s wanting to secure an exciting career within our naval shipbuilding industry. 

Join us as we take you on a shipbuilding journey, where you will find out all about the College, exciting naval shipbuilding projects, and how we can set you on your path to a diverse, challenging and long-term career path.

About the Naval Shipbuilding College

The Naval Shipbuilding College is a strategic partner of the Australian Government through the Department of Defence. The College works closely with industry, education and training providers to grow an Australian shipbuilding workforce to build and sustain the Royal Australian Navy’s future fleet. 

Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Industry will soon need thousands of skilled and professional workers, including electricians, welders, pipe-fitters, program and project managers, purchasing, quality, contract managers, designers, quality, engineering, logistics and extensive management personnel. To find out more, visit our website www.navalshipbuildingcollege.com.au

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Ed Watson
Candidate Engagement Consultant, NSC

With almost 20 years’ experience of matching the right people to the right job, he has helped thousands of people find employment and begin new, rewarding careers. 

Prior to joining the Naval Shipbuilding College, Ed was a Defence Recruiter/Diversity Engagement Consultant for Defence Force Recruiting – helping recruit people in the Navy, Army, Army Reserve and Air Force. 

One of the major areas Ed was engaged in was supporting initiatives to increase the diversity of one of Australia’s largest employers. 

As a member of the Naval Shipbuilding College’s Talent Acquisition team, Ed has travelled across the country attending job fairs and career days – prior to the COVID-19 restrictions – speaking with potential candidates who are looking to secure long-term roles in Australia’s Naval Shipbuilding Industry.

Preben Kohler
Candidate Engagement Consultant, NSC

Preben works in the Talent Acquisition team and is the newest member of our Naval Shipbuilding college TA team. 

Preben comes from a Defence background having served in the Air Force for a period of time and served in Darwin. After his Service to his Country he transitioned into Defence Force Recruiting. 

Having worked for 8 years in Defence Force Recruiting, this role focused on mentoring civilians during the defence recruiting process. 

Preben brings these skills to the Naval shipbuilding College to consult future Naval Shipbuilding employees on future roles.