St Johns Park Bowling Club Group Annual General Meeting (AGM)

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Saturday, October 31, 2020

What time?

10:00 AM AEDT - 11:00 AM AEDT



About the Webinar

Due to the Corporations Coronavirus Epidemic Response, Registered Clubs have been granted the flexibility to hold virtual members meetings, including Annual General Meetings (AGMs). 

You can attend our online AGM using any device that has internet connection, such as your mobile phone, tablet or PC. It is recommended you test your computer system NOW by clicking the link below. There is also a support phone number in case you require assistance. 

Members participating in our on-line AGM will be counted as persons present. Scrutineers can then confirm that a quorum of 30 members are present and the meeting can proceed. 

During the on-line AGM, members will be able to vote in favour or against resolutions. A poll will pop up on the screen of your device and you will be able to respond accordingly.     

As with our usual AGM’s, if you have any questions (financial and/or general) for the AGM, please submit them in writing to the Group Chief Executive Officer, David Marsh, at 93 Edensor Road, St Johns Park NSW 2176, no later than 5pm on Friday 23 October 2020. This requirement is necessary to enable accurate and factual answers to be researched and prepared for members information, prior to the Annual General Meeting. 

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David Marsh

St Johns Park Bowling Club Group CEO

Sarojini Ram

St Johns Park Bowling Club Group CFO

Paul Norris

St Johns Park Bowling Club Group Chairman

George Humphries

St Johns Park Bowling Club Group Treasurer

Tony Johnston

Eastern Commercial Lawyers, SJPBC Solicitor

Cameron Roan


For technical assistance, please phone Redback Connect on 1800 733 416.

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