Medical Research Future Fund Webinar for the National Consultation on the Cardiovascular Health Mission Roadmap and Implementation Plan

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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

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02:00 PM AEDT - 03:30 PM AEDT



About the Webinar

The Medical Research Future Fund’s (MRFF) Cardiovascular Health Mission was announced as part of the 2019-20 budget to provide $220 million for research to make transformative improvements in cardiovascular health and stroke for all Australians.

An Expert Advisory Panel was appointed in April 2019 to provide advice to the Minister for Health on the strategic priorities for research investment through the Mission.

As per the MRFF Mission Governance document, the Expert Advisory Panel is to provide their advice on priorities for research investment through the Mission by developing a Roadmap and Implementation Plan.

The Mission’s Roadmap is a high level strategic document that includes the aim, vision, goal and priorities for investment for the Mission. To support the Roadmap, the Implementation Plan outlines the priorities for investment (short, medium and long term), evaluation approaches and measures, supporting activities, and collaborative opportunities.

The Roadmap and Implementation Plan will be used by the Department to design and implement Mission investments via Grant Opportunities promoted through GrantConnect. 2020-21 investments through this Mission are available through

A consultation is currently underway to seek feedback from the community on the Cardiovascular Health Mission’s draft Roadmap and Implementation Plan.

This Webinar aims to provide an opportunity for the community to gain a greater understanding of the purpose of the Roadmap and Implementation Plan. A presentation will be provided by the chair of the Cardiovascular Health Mission Expert Advisory Panel, Professor Gemma Figtree. Following the presentation, the Chair will lead a ‘Questions and Answers’ session responding to questions posed by participants. 

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Professor Gemma Figtree

Professor Gemma Figtree is a Professor in Medicine at the University of Sydney. She co-leads the Cardiovascular Theme for Sydney Health Partners, a NHMRC Advanced Health Research and Translation Centre and is the Chair of the University of Sydney’s multi-disciplinary Cardiovascular Initiative.

Professor Figtree is committed to the promotion and advocacy of cardiovascular research, working as President of the Australian Cardiovascular Alliance as well as being a member of the NSW CVD Advisory Committee.

Professor Figtree is also committed to improving the care for heart attack patients - using her knowledge of molecular and cellular biology to develop methods of identifying those at highest risk of adverse outcome, and discovering novel therapies to prevent and treat events, inspired by her clinical work as an interventional cardiologist.