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Infant Gastro-oesophageal Reflux and Irritability: how to diagnose as manage – The REducing MEDications in Infants (REMEDI) Study

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About the webinar:

The Health Services Research Unit at the Royal Children’s Hospital in partnership with Angliss Hospital, Box Hill Hospital, Frankston Hospital and Goulburn Valley Health is completing a study on the management of infant reflux or irritability or excessive crying or colic.

 As part of this study, we have developed an online webinar that runs for 40 minutes. This includes an education portion focused on:

  • How to diagnose and manage infants with  gastro-oesophageal reflux and  gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD);
  • The harms and benefits of Acid Suppression Therapy (AST);
  • Normal infant crying patterns; and 
  • Strategies to help settle infants to sleep.
The webinar also includes 3 x  5-6 minute role play scenarios of hypothetical conversations with parents demonstrating:

  • What NOT to do! Prescribing AST medication to infants with reflux or irritability or excessive crying;
  • What TO do! How to NOT prescribe AST medications; and
  • Weaning off AST medications. How to stop existing AST medication.

 At the end of the webinar recording there is a link to a short 3-5 minute survey.  We would appreciate your feedback on the webinar, so that we can improve this for future use - Just click on the yellow speech bubble icon at the top right hand side of page.

Sarah McTaggart

Study Project Officer, RCH

(P): 03 9096 8324 (Mon, Tues, Fri)

(P): 03 9936 6151




About the presenter:

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Professor Harriet Hiscock

Director, Health Services Research Unit, The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.

Professor Harriet Hiscock is Associate Director of Research at the Centre for Community Child Health, Consultant Paediatrician and NHMRC Practitioner Fellow. She is Director of the Royal Children’s Hospital Health Services Research Unit, Group Leader of Health Services at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Director of the Australian Paediatric Research Network, and Professorial Fellow, Department of Paediatrics, University of Melbourne.

Her research focuses on common child health conditions, in particular (i) developing and trialling integrated care models, to reduce hospital burden; (ii) reducing low value care (i.e. unnecessary imaging, pathology testing and medication); (iii) optimising care for common mental health conditions such as ADHD and anxiety. She is also interested in improving child health outcomes through paediatric, secondary care-based research including e-health. She is driving this research through the Australian Paediatric Research Network – a research network of 550 paediatricians. She is assisted by a team of about 15 researchers and students.