Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) Guidelines Review Technical User Briefing Webinar

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Thursday, September 17, 2020

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The Medical Services Advisory Committee is an independent scientific committee, established by the Minister for Health in 1998. The committee comprises individuals with expertise in clinical medicine, health economics and consumer matters. 

MSAC evaluates medical services, health technologies and health programs proposed for public funding, in order to advise the Minister for Health on whether a medical service, health technology or program should be publicly funded, and the circumstances in which it should be funded. Supported by the PICO Advisory Sub-Committee (PASC) and Evaluation Sub-Committee (ESC), MSAC assesses applications on their comparative safety, clinical effectiveness and cost effectiveness, and total cost/financial impact, using best available evidence.

The MSAC Guidelines (Therapeutic Guidelines and Investigative Guidelines for Preparing Assessment Reports for MSAC), and associated Assessment Report templates, provide practical information on how to present evidence to MSAC and its Sub-Committees. The Guidelines are also used by other stakeholders, including Health Technology Assessment groups, the medical profession, industry, clinical and patient groups, and the general community as a source of information. 

The Guidelines promote processes to ensure Australians have access to safe, clinically effective and cost effective medical services, health technologies and health programs. 

The Guidelines provide instructions on what information is required by MSAC and its Sub-Committees to support a proposed new health technology. The objective of the Review is to incorporate guidance on technologies or methods that have evolved since the previous review, and to ensure assessment processes are aligned with best practice in HTA. 

This webinar will inform stakeholders of key features in the Draft Guidelines for preparing assessment reports for the MSAC. The webinar will focus on structural and content differences (compared to current Guidelines).

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David Tamblyn

David Tamblyn is a Team Leader at Adelaide Health Technology Assessment (AHTA). He has extensive experience performing health technology assessments of pharmaceuticals, medical services and medical devices, for both reimbursement and regulatory decision makers. David was the co-lead researcher in the Review of Guidelines for Preparing Submissions to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) in 2016. He is a member of the South Australian Policy Advisory Committee on Technology (SAPACT), a member of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Breast Implant Expert Working Group, and a Deputy Editor for the International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care (IJTAHC). David has a Bachelor of Health Science and a Master of Public Health, both from the University of Adelaide.

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