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Webinars – we’ve now got the hang of them, we’re starting to see results and our programs are planned and ready to go.

However, there’s always that one word in the back our minds – engagement!

  • "Create engaging webinars they say"
  • "Make sure you're engaging your online audiences"
  • "Tools, Features, Interaction - it all equals engagement" 

But what does engaging even mean? And how are we supposed to measure it?

At Redback, we’ve created Live Participant Engagement Scoring. An automatic scoring system that allows you to measure the behaviour of your online participants and in turn, refine your webinar programs and improve your Return On Investment. 

This is your chance to see it in action!

Join as we walk you through:

  • How the technology works and how to access your reports
  • What to do with the data once you've accessed it
  • Tips for increasing attendance duration that's below 50%
  • How to use the technology for Lead Gen and CPD Webinars

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Michael Bunker

Michael’s experience spans across the Technology sector through digital and communications. He has managed and executed digital media strategies to prominent Australian business focusing on webinars, webcasting, hybrid events, online video hosting and custom video portals. He has over seven years’ experience in the Technology sector and plays a pivotal role in guiding customers when it comes to their webinar and webcast programs.

Think of Michael as your online event consultant – from marketing to increasing attendance and choosing the right solution for your needs – he is there every step of the way. 

Kiran Jassi

Kiran is a highly motivated and effective operations specialist with close to 15 years’ experience in service delivery and staff leadership. His ability to develop and execute customer strategies with measurable success via in-depth knowledge of customer, internal capabilities, and solid understanding of contract and commercials give him the ‘right stuff’ to help Redback Conferencing realise their ambition of ‘WOWING’ our customers with every interaction.

Kiran has been instrumental in bringing Participant Engagement Scoring to life. He firmly believes that the technology will empower customers to take control of their Digital Events and better understand their audiences.

About our Business Skills Series

Informing, educating, inspiring… We have the perfect platform to build a community so why not share some knowledge?
Our Business Skills Series is now in it’s fifth year. Essentially, it’s a way for us to give back to our active and engaged community while showcasing our webinar and webcasting platforms and the many features they have to offer. Anyone can join these online events and anyone can present. We’re always on the lookout for stimulating hosts to present on a range of topics!

Our events run every second Tuesday from 11:oo am to 11:45 am (AEST) and are free to attend.

It's about education...
Looking to gain some complimentary Professional Development? Thirsty for some knowledge? Our BSS is free and open for anyone to join.

It's about enlightenment...
Our speakers are the best in the business and they'll provide you with insight on a range of topics - from wellness to leadership and everything in-between.

It's about inspiration...
Looking to present like the pros? Or maybe you want a sneak peek at our platform? Simply register and get everything rolled into one!

It's about community...
We're always on the lookout for amazing subject matter experts. If you, or someone you know might be interested, feel free to get in touch.

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