Getting the most out of tender evaluations

Hosted by: Lottie Flaherty and Aleksandra Cvetkoski

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Presented by: Lottie Flaherty, AGS Senior Lawyer and Aleksandra Cvetkoski, AGS Lawyer. This instructional presentation is aimed at providing tips for effective management of the tender evaluation process.

This video is 30 minutes in length and will equate to ½ CPD point.

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Lottie Flaherty, AGS Senior Lawyer

Lottie has over 12 years of experience advising Commonwealth entities on procurement processes and contracting arrangements.

She has provided probity advice on some of the most significant Commonwealth procurement and grants processes, including working closely with the project teams within Defence on the $50 billion SEA1000 Future Submarine Program Competitive Evaluation Process and $35 billion SEA5000 Future Frigate Competitive Evaluation Process, and advising the (then) Department of Employment on multiple rounds of its national employment services purchasing activities.

Lottie has advised Commonwealth clients on a broad range of agreements. She has prepared procurement documentation and advised on the application of procurement-related policy, evaluation processes and methodologies for numerous Commonwealth clients.

Aleksandra Cvetkoski, AGS Lawyer

Alex advises clients on commercial matters including procurement, probity, property (in all jurisdictions), licensing, grant agreements and technical Commonwealth subsidisation deeds. 

She has particular expertise in procurement and probity. From 2015 to 2017 she was outposted as a contracting officer to the Material Procurement Branch in Department of Defence providing primary procurement and contracting support to AIR6000 Joint Strike Fighter. 

From 2017 to 2018, she was outposted as a legal officer in the Commercial and Employment Law branch of the Department of Home Affairs, where she mainly advised on immigration and international agreements. 
Alex also has expertise in the area of leasing, having reviewed, drafted and negotiated leases and advised on lease assignments, sub-leases, lease surrenders, incentive arrangements, caveats and strata scheme issues across all Australian jurisdictions. 

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