General Data Protection Regulation

Your Hosts: Laura John & Genevieve Ebbeck

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This instructional presentation is aimed at providing guidance on the possible application of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to Commonwealth agencies. The GDPR is a new privacy regulation made by the European Parliament concerning the protection of ‘personal data’. It has broad extraterritorial application and applies to some entities that are outside the European Union, potentially including Commonwealth agencies that collect information from individuals in the European Union, even if those agencies are physically located in Australia.

This video is 20 minutes in length and will equate to ½ CPD point.

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Laura John, AGS Counsel

Laura works in the AGS Office of General Counsel People, Security and Information team where she provides advice in the areas of administrative and constitutional law. 

She has worked on a wide range of legal issues and has particular experience in statutory interpretation and migration law. During her time at AGS, she has gained experience in preparing matters for hearing and drafting complex advice. 

Laura was awarded the 2018 George Witynski SC Constitutional Law Scholarship. She is also the recipient of the 2015 Graduate of the Year Award in recognition of outstanding contribution to the public service. 

Her high level of legal academic ability combined with strong analytical skills and attention to detail enable her to provide quality legal advice. She is attentive, with excellent communication skills and sound time management.

Genevieve Ebbeck, AGS Senior General Counsel

Genevieve has over 25 years of experience, providing extensive advice on questions of statutory interpretation, administrative law, public law and constitutional law. She also provides advice on proposed legislative amendments.  She regularly provides advice on complex constitutional issues to a range of clients, with particular expertise in immigration advice. She has also been involved with a number of significant cases, providing advice to inform the Commonwealth’s submissions on a range of issues. 

She specialises in migration and citizenship law, and regularly provides advice on issues arising under the Migration Act 1958 and the Australian Citizenship Act 2007. Her PhD thesis was on constitutional issues concerning Australian citizenship. 

Genevieve’s specialist background in international law enables her to give targeted advice on matters pertaining to international conventions and international law generally.

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